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COAs distributed by Mapi Research Trust

For a list of all the COAs distributed by Mapi Research Trust on behalf of their copyright holders, along with the conditions of use specific to each COA, please consult our COA catalog

COAs not distributed by Mapi Research Trust

If the COA that you wish to use is not listed in our catalog, Mapi Research Trust may offer to handle the licensing process on your behalf. The licensing procedures for Patient-Centered Outcomes (PCO) vary from one instrument to another and can go from a simple letter of permission to an actual licensing contract. Acting on your behalf, Mapi Research Trust can obtain official permission from licensing authorities (e.g. developers, publishers, distributors, etc.) so you can access, use, and translate Patient-Centered Outcomes for your project.

For more information on this service and for a proposal, please contact our team through ePROVIDE™ request management.