Mapi Research Trust’s PROVIDE services are a unique resource for the scientific community. This full-range support is critical for anyone involved in the field of Clinical Outcomes Assessments (COAs). Leave the information gathering to our PROVIDE team.


Based on our exclusive COA resources, PROVIDE gives direct access to practical information and supplies the measures and translations you require in order to succeed in your study.

PROVIDE, which is available on an ad-hoc basis or within the context of annual subscriptions, includes the following in-house easily accessible services (non-exhaustive list):

  • Copyright for measures (who owns the measure)
  • Available translated versions & methodology to translate
  • Translation Certificates
  • Providing of scoring manuals
  • Licensing process / permission to use measures
  • Find measures in a specific therapeutic indication/on-going clinical trials
  • Original and review copies of thousands of COAs and translations
  • List of COA concepts
  • List of recommended COAs from guidelines
  • PRO Claims: a study of competitor products and COA Labeling claims
  • Provide reports that come from PROQOLID / PROLabels
  • Developer contact (for conditions of use, scoring, translation, etc.)
  • Bibliographic references
  • See content validity documentation, availability, psychometric properties, etc.

Turnarounds as fast as you need them

Each year, thousands of searches from pharmaceutical companies, academic researchers, physicians, associations, and international organizations are handled by our PROVIDE team.

The important thing is getting the information you need, when you need it. Work with us and you’ll get the information you need by your deadline.

For all requests, please contact our PROVIDE team by ePROVIDETM request management.