To help you find the right Clinical Outcome Assessment


The success of Patient-Centered Outcomes (PCO) Research depends a great deal on the choice of appropriate Clinical Outsome Assesments (COAs).

COAs should be selected by the domains they measure as well as the populations and pathologies for which they were designed and validated. Such practical issues as the availability of different translations, copyrights, and access to instruments are also important considerations.

What makes PROQOLID stand out

Ensuring the information found in the PROQOLID database is not only accurate but also up to date, our staff works in close collaboration with the COA developers before publishing any information online.

To aid you in finding the questionnaire that is right for your study, Mapi Research Trust created the PROQOLID database. It has grown exponentially over the years and today 3500+ COAs are comprehensively described, providing its users with multiple levels of information access.

Free access level

The free access level presents basic information:

  • Name of authors/developers
  • Copyright notice
  • Objective
  • Therapeutic area
  • Therapeutic indication
  • Type of COA
  •  Original language(s) in which the COA was developed
  •  Bibliographic references used for the description of the COA in the database

Member access level

The member access level presents a greater degree of information on the COAs (if available):

  • Contact information
  • Conditions of use 
  • Review copy if available
  • List of available translations
  • E-versions
  • Domains covered
  • Scoring
  • Administration mode
  • Recall/observation period
  • COA development information
  • COA validation information