Post-webinar author interview

Dr. John Ware

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QGEN® was developed by John Ware Research Group (JWRG) and is a short single-item-per-domain (SIPD) way of estimating the 8 general health domains and summary scores most frequently measured using Medical Outcomes Study short-form surveys. It can be used in static format (QGEN®-8 and QGEN®-10) and as the first question for each domain in computerized adaptive testing (QGEN®-CAT). The two additional domains measured in QGEN®-10 and QGEN®-CAT will be discussed below.

On 30 September 2020, Mapi Research Trust (MRT) hosted a 110-participant webinar during which the author, Dr John E. Ware Jr, explained the reasons for developing QGEN®, how it was developed, how it relates to legacy measures, the advantages of using QGEN® and perspectives for further research. Marie-Pierre Emery of MRT, the official distributor of QGEN®, provided an overview of the available translations, how to access both original and its language versions and their conditions of use.

For scientific questions, you can contact Dr Ware at
For any questions related to the distribution, translation and electronic migration of the QGEN®, please go to where you will find a description of the three QGEN® forms and will be able to submit your request to the MRT team.

Interview by Katrin Conway, MRT Board Member