Mapi Research Trust has been selected by Observia as exclusive partner for the licensing and distribution of the SPUR™ tool in the context of clinical research performed by users not located in Greater China (Mainland China, Hong-Kong, Taiwan, and Macau).

This behavioral diagnostic tool can detect a patient’s risk of non-adherence and help understand the causes through 4 dimensions: Social, Psychological, Usage and Rational. Through a deep understanding of non-adherence factors, SPUR™ is a key asset to support the design and delivery of tailored health interventions in line with specific patients’ needs.

The distribution of the SPUR™ tool is an important milestone for us after many years of product development. Thanks to our partnership with Mapi Research Trust, our SPUR™ tool is now available to researchers across the globe via our new PROQOLID™ page. To further research in the field of health behavior, we are pleased to offer free licenses of SPUR™ to all unfunded academics and, on a case-by-case basis, to funded academics.” explains Jérémy Ruah, Head of Products at Observia.

We are excited to distribute the SPUR™ tool on behalf of Observia. The topic of patient adherence to treatment is critical to patients’ health and a major challenge for health practitioners. With the strong research work behind SPUR™ and its digital easy-to-fill format, we are convinced it will be a great asset to identify and address risks of non-adherence and we are happy to help facilitate access to it.” said Marie-Pierre Emery, Account Executive at Mapi Research Trust.

With this partnership, the SPUR™ tool joins the catalog of 670+ Clinical Outcome Assessments (COAs) distributed by Mapi Research Trust. As such, its PROQOLID™ webpage has been enriched with comprehensive and up-to-date information on the SPUR™’s licensing and scientific background, including the conditions of use, review copy, languages, etc.


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About Observia

Observia is a French healthtech company founded in 2011 that specializes in personalized engagement and support for patients suffering from one or more chronic diseases.

As a preferred partner of healthcare professionals, patient associations, pharmaceutical industries, and public organizations, Observia relies on the development of digital technologies to help all these actors design and deploy multi-channel, personalized and intelligent patient engagement solutions. These solutions help healthcare professionals optimize care pathways and set good life habits for their patients. Observia's solutions have been deployed in 25 countries and over 40 medical specialties. The company employs 60 people in France, Germany, Switzerland, and Sweden.


About Mapi Research Trust

Mapi Research Trust is a non-profit organization facilitating the exchange and access to information in the field of Clinical Outcome Assessments (COAs) for the entire scientific community, academics, pharmaceutical companies, health care organizations and health authorities.

With more than 30 years of experience in the field of COAs and with the online platform ePROVIDE™ that includes the PROQOLID™, PROLABELS™ and PROINSIGHT™ databases, Mapi Research Trust is the preeminent source of information about COAs.

Mapi Research Trust is the largest single COA licensing provider and the most trusted name in distribution of COA instruments exclusively representing over 670 COAs.