In line with our mission to promote the use of Clinical Outcome Assessments (COAs) in health research and practice to help improve patients’ quality of life, Mapi Research Trust is happy to highlight the work done by MSD in this area.

MSD has partnered with Mapi Research Trust, the leading curator and license distributor of over 700 COA measures, to develop a website dedicated to MSD-owned COAs. For more than two decades, MSD has developed and validated over 25 COA measures and analyzed COA data from multiple clinical programs and trials.  Honoring a commitment to support patient-centered research, this website showcases and facilitates access to COAs developed by MSD across various therapeutic areas.

A COA measure website provides the opportunity to broaden and deepen MSD’s engagement with key stakeholders while contributing to industry standardization in the field of patient-centered research.” -Josephine Norquist, Executive Director and MSD Patient-Centered Endpoints and Strategy Lead

"We are proud to support MSD’s efforts in understanding patients’ perspective on health conditions and treatments, and to facilitate the access to information on MSD's Clinical Outcome Assessments, as part of our mission to support the entire scientific community to improve patients’ quality of life.” said Sonia Bothorel, Managing Director of Mapi Research Trust. "The new MSD COA website provides key information on each questionnaire, such as its objective, targeted population, and available translations, and includes a link to the ePROVIDETM online platform for more practical information on conditions of use and for requesting access to the questionnaires."

Mapi Research Trust has been selected by MSD as the exclusive partner for licensing and distribution of MSD's COA measures including the management of translations and electronic versions.

To learn more about MSD’s COA measures, please visit: