November 21, 2023 - The ePROVIDE platform deploys new features and improves the display of key information.

​Constantly evolving, our ePROVIDETM  platform is frequently updated with comprehensive information, as well as optimized for the best user experience.

Discover the new functionalities and improvements:


  • Share your ePROVIDETM  requests with colleagues

You can now work collaboratively with your team by simply sharing a link to your ePROVIDETM request. They will be able to visualize the content of the request, write messages, upload and download documents, and fulfill or edit work orders.


  • Identify COAs listed in the FDA and/or EMA qualification programs

In PROQOLID™, you can now identify COAs that are part of the EMA and/or FDA Qualification Programs by selecting one of the following filters: COA with EMA letter of support; COA with EMA opinion; COA FDA qualified; and COA accepted in the FDA qualification program.

About the EMA Qualification of novel methodologies for medicine development:

The EMA offers scientific advice to support the qualification of innovative development methods for a specific intended use in the context of research and development into pharmaceuticals. This qualification process leads to a qualification opinion or qualification advice with letter of support.

About the FDA COA qualification program:

COA qualification is a regulatory conclusion that the COA is a well-defined and reliable assessment of a specified concept of interest for use in adequate and well-controlled studies in a specified context of use.”


  • Retrieve key information more easily

To facilitate your search and optimize your experience, the search engine has been enhanced:

  • UX Optimization of the search results display for the PROQOLID™ catalog, PROLABELS™ and PROINSIGHT™
  • Inclusion of the COA name in the endpoint description of PROLABELS™
  • Addition of the Guidances’ date of publication and date of update in PROINSIGHT™


Discover these new functionalities and other improvements now.