Experts in distributing questionnaires in the field of Patient-Centered Outcomes

Academic researchers, academic research groups, pharmaceutical companies, and other authors have long turned to Mapi Research Trust for assistance with the management of their questionnaires and derivative works such as translations and electronic versions.

To answer these increasing needs from authors, Mapi Research Trust has developed unique expertise and processes in the domain of questionnaire distribution. Our services cover the centralized management and distribution of the original questionnaire and its different versions; translations and linguistic validation; and electronic versions of the questionnaire, including handheld devices, tablets, and web-based applications.

We ensure that an author’s requirements are respected in terms of methodology of linguistic and electronic versions validation by establishing legal documents (collaboration agreement, user agreement, etc.) that govern the distribution process.

Thanks to our centralized distribution services, authors are relieved from the administrative burden of the distribution process. Providing users with a single point of contact saves time and significantly increases the efficiency of the process.

Through a close collaboration with our Mapi experts in linguistic and e-versions validation, Mapi Research Trust provides facilitated, optimized, and controlled questionnaire access while ensuring the integrity of the questionnaires and their derivatives.

Our business model has proven to be well-accepted by all parties. As a non–profit organization, Mapi Research Trust applies a fair and recognized principle which grants a free access to questionnaires and their derivatives to all not-funded academic users. Distribution fees are required from commercial users.

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