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    COAs exclusively distributed by Mapi Research Trust

Why work with Mapi Research Trust for the distribution of your COAs?

Answering users' requests, keeping practical information up-to-date, defining adequate cost structure for different profiles and contexts of use; these are typical day-to-day management tasks that require time and expertise, and can quickly turn into a burden.

After several years of collaboration with numerous COA developers and copyright holders, Mapi Research Trust has consolidated specific expertise and services covering the centralized management and distribution of original versions of COAs and of their derivatives (translations and electronic versions):

  • Time saver: relief from administrative burden (legal support for license agreements, COA user request management, licensing process, invoicing).
  • Protection of the copyright, of the integrity of COAs and of the validity of derivatives.
  • Increased visibility, usage and revenue: Developers’ and copyright holders’ satisfaction.
  • Improved user experience: COA users’ satisfaction (simplified and successful experience).

Catalog of COAs exclusively distributed by Mapi Research Trust

Mapi Research Trust is the official licensor and distributor of more than 700 COAs on behalf of their developers and copyright holders. Our objective is to facilitate access to COAs by centralizing the licensing process and all existing material, while ensuring that the copyright holders’ rights are respected and that the integrity of the COAs are protected.

The COAs we distribute can be used in all types of settings, from routine clinical purposes to research studies upon signature of a license agreement granting permission for use. Depending on COA users' profile and the context of use, licensing fees and specific conditions of use may apply.

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