Benefit from the visibility of the leader in the field of COAs!

Driven by the mission to facilitate access to information on COAs, Mapi Research Trust has developed the ePROVIDE™ platform – interconnecting the PROQOLID™, PROLABELS™ and PROINSIGHT™ databases – which has become the preeminent source information about COAs

Promotion in our catalog of COA and PROQOLID™ database

  • 80,000+ ePROVIDE™ users

  • 45,000 visits per month on ePROVIDE™

  • 15,000+ requests per year

  • Facilitated access to COAs and enhanced use

  • Specific SEO strategy for COAs distributed by Mapi Research Trust


Extra promotional activities*

  • News on Mapi Research Trust’s website

  • Dedicated posts on social media

  • Webinars

  • Promotion at conferences

*Conditions to be discussed with our team.