The Award is intended to improve the care of patients in terminal illness, including the education of those who care for them. It is not limited to projects with a scientific basis; if you have not received formal scientific training, you may also make good use of your experience and ideas, and put forward relevant proposals. Whether scientific or not, your proposal may focus upon patients’ families, medical and other carers, or patients themselves, but your objective will always be to improve the quality of care received by patients with terminal illness. Younger investigators and others are especially encouraged to apply.

Your application will be evaluated by senior staff members of Mapi Research Trust and its Advisory Committee. One award of up to a maximum of $10,000 will be made each year. The proposed work should be completed in not more than two years..

Evaluation criteria

The criteria for evaluation of your application for the award are Appropriateness (relevance to the purpose stated above); Imaginativeness (originality of the concept and/or method of execution and evaluation); Realism (likelihood that the defined objective and its evaluation will be achieved within the intended period); Generalisability (usefulness/transferability to other people or institutions in the field). An account of the background to your proposal is not required unless you consider that this is especially relevant. However, you should clearly answer the following questions:

a.   What is the specific problem that you intend to explore?
b.   What method(s) will you choose in order to solve this problem?
c.   What methods do you propose to show that your work was successful?
d.   What does each major item in your proposal cost (Total: $10,000 or less)?
e.   How do you intend to use the results?

You should briefly describe the people you intend to study, and how you will find and recruit them. Remember ethical issues, such as institutional review.

Applications that facilitate additions to existing projects can be submitted. Your budget justification should address overlap with such funding

Submission guidelines

On a separate, initial sheet, give your date of birth; highest general and/or professional qualification; current professional position (academic, research or neither) or other information relevant to your proposed research; and up to not more than three of your OWN publications or presentations, if available. The main text should consist of not more than 1500 words or 6 double-spaced pages in 14pt type, in English (if the format is not followed the application will be disqualified).

The successful candidate is required to submit an interim summary of c.300-500 words within 3 months of ending the first year of work, and a full report within six months of ending the final (first or second) year. These narratives will be published in the Patient Reported Outcomes Newsletter.

Submission deadline

The deadline for submitting your applications is April 30, 2022. 

Please submit your proposal to Tatiana Gauchon: