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Xavier Fournie, MD

Dr. Xavier Fournie has held various posts in different companies of the Mapi Group since 1986.

Dr. Xavier Fournie has held various posts in different companies of the Mapi Group since 1986.

These posts include, but are not limited to: project management in market research and clinical research; leading of clinical operations; general management of central lab activities; medical direction; Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs direction; and pharmacovigilance management.

From 2001 to 2008, Dr. Fournie led the development of an independent unit within Mapi Group, ProClinica, dedicated to multi-country direct-to-patient contact management for proactive PRO data collection and patient assistance in studies.

As the Mapi Group Corporate Medical Director since January 2008 and the Executive Vice President of Mapi Real World Evidence since 2009, Dr. Fournie has been in charge of the development and maintenance of professional relationships with a variety of audiences, including medical/scientific communities, health authorities, patient advocacy groups, and Industry leaders. He also oversees medical monitoring services, and develops a culture of ethical and regulatory compliance throughout the Mapi business units. He provides input to successfully bridge the gap between the clinical, commercial, and legal units while helping to develop and implement new services and strategic plans into Mapi Group.

For four years, Dr. Fournie has practiced as a GP in hospitals and private practices within France and Germany. He is a member of the ENCePP working Group 1 “Research Standards and Guidances’ and the French and European CRO Federations (AFCROs / EUCROF. He has additional qualifications in Medical Law (Forensic Medicine), Sports Medicine, and Aviation Medicine.

Employment History / Recent Positions

January 2009–Present, Corporate Medical Director / EVP Global Medical Affairs
Mapi, France

January 2001–December 2008, Chief Executive Officer

January 1996–December 2000, Director of Operations France- Quality Assurance & Regulatory Affairs Manager- Medical Director
Mapi, France

January 1994–December 1995, Executive Director
MCBIO, France

January 1990–December 1994, Clinical Trials Director- Quality Assurance & Regulatory Affairs Manager
Mapi, France

September 1986–December 1989, Clinical Trial Project Manager- Market Research Project Director
Mapi, France


Université Lyon I Claude Bernard
1985 : General Practice : MD

Université Lyon I Claude Bernard
1986 : Sports & Aeronautic Medicine : CES de Médecine du Sport – CES de Médecine Aéronautique

Université Lyon I Claude Bernard
1986 : Forensic / Law Medicine with a focus on Ethics : CES de Médecine Légale

Recent Publications

Multiple publications / posters / oral communications on late phase study management and outcomes, Pharmacovigilance in studies, Direct-to-patients activities.


  1. ENCePP (European Network of Centres for Pharmacoepidemiology and
  2. Pharmacovigilance): member of Working Group 1 “Research standards and guidances”
  3. AFCROs (Association Française des CROs / French CRO Federation): Chair of Working Group “Training”
  4. EUCROF (European CRO Federation): member of Working group Pharmacovigilance
  5. ISPOR (International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research)