2010. de Peuter MA et al. – Cost-effectiveness of catch-up programs in human papillomavirus vaccination


de Peuter MA, Littlewood KJ, Annemans L, Largeron N, Quilici S. Cost-effectiveness of catch-up programs in human papillomavirus vaccination. Expert Rev Vaccines. 2010;9(10):1187-201.


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We reviewed cost–effectiveness models that combine routine vaccination with the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine with temporary catch-up programs. Cost–effectiveness results of catch-up programs are variable, and we reviewed methods and underlying assumptions to get more insight into any factor with a potential impact on cost-effectiveness. Results were dependent on differences between models used, their design and input data. Modeling aspects and assumptions were not always sufficiently described, making comparison difficult. Despite this, several differences between models likely to impact results were identified. All models used dynamic transmission modeling techniques except for one, which did not incorporate the effect of herd immunity. Catch-up strategies varied between models and comparator strategies were not necessarily the same. Cervical diseases outcomes were considered in all base cases, but the impact of genital warts was not always considered. Our article suggests that a conclusion on cost–effectiveness should be based on a fully transparent model including all possible benefits of vaccination.