Migration of Questionnaires into Electronic Format: Partnership Collaboration

Mapi Research Trust can assist authors with the migration of questionnaires into electronic format.

The migration of a questionnaire into electronic format has to respect the same key requirement as the linguistic validation process: the integrity and validation of the original questionnaires’ properties shall be maintained.

In order to accomplish this, ICON Language Services has developed a methodology that ensures the requirements are respected:

• Review of the screen captures of the questionnaire as implemented in the electronic mode by the IT company. This review checks for consistency with the original paper version in terms of presentation, content, and completion, except for specific instructions related to the electronic administration.

• Usability Testing aiming to examine whether respondents are able to use a device and associated software as intended. This ensures that the questionnaire as included in the device meets usability criteria, focusing on functional aspects, and respondents understanding of instructions through interviews with patients.

Mapi Research Trust offers you to coordinate the migration of the questionnaire into electronic format with a privileged partnership with its sister company, ICON Language Services